Kippt Strengthens Platform Approach Through New API & App Gallery

    Helsinki-founded Kippt is strengthening their web-based bookmarking service as more of a central bookmarking platform with a new focus on developer tools to create and promote Kippt-based apps. Co-founder Kaari Saarinen tells us they’ve now launched their new API, a developer site, and an app gallery.

    Their developer tools section highlights 13 apps in their App Gallery that plug into Kippt’s service, including home-built desktop and mobile apps to use Kippt with, as well as apps like Pocket that offer Kippt integration. In adition, their developer tools offer libraries put together by third party developers.

    Some startups seem to somewhat wall in their product, figuring they should be the ones that create their own complementary apps. But I’m really interested in this open platform approach, as it can drive much more innovation and functionality around the product, even if others are making a buck on what you created.

    Kippt monetizes through a freemium model which offers “Unlimited Love” as well as full text search and no ads for $25 a year.

    Recently Kippt redesigned their interface, giving users a much more visual way to remember your saved content. Kippt graduated from Ycombinator’s Summer 2012 batch, and is now based in San Francisco after wintering in tropical Helsinki.