Kiosked Spearheads U.S. Expansion With New Partnership

    Kiosked has now essentially spearheaded its expansion to U.S. e-commerce sellers through a new partnership with EYEMAGINE – a Magento ‘Gold Solution’ partner. Even though not everyone in Europe might be too familiar with the Magento e-commerce ecosystem, the impact of this partnership is a pretty big deal for Kiosked. Magento is the globally largest e-commerce platform with over 20% market-share in stores.

    “We have been working closely with several Magento Solution Partners who build web-stores for brands. Via a Kiosked extension for Magento their customers can now seamlessly import their products into Kiosked. I am excited to see more and more brands turning their content smart with us”, says Kiosked’s Partner Manager Jaakko Iso-Järvenpää who explained the details and background of the partnership to us.

    EYEMAGINE is one of the leading Magento solution partners in the US, focusing on entertainment. They work with companies and brands such as Metallica, Disney, HP and other Fortune 500 companies, which through this partnership can easily enter the Kiosked platform and make their content interactive for their customers.

    Now EYEMAGINE clients can via the solution import their product catalogue into Kiosked. Then, if they want to, brands and merchants can easily turn all their content from images to videos into web-shops by adding kiosks to them.

    Kiosked CEO and Founder, Micke Paqvalén sees this as an important step in Kiosked’s U.S. expansion, “This is a multi-beneficial partnership. EYEMAGINE creates more value for their clients by offering an innovative and unique solution to spread their storefronts everywhere and Kiosked is increasingly expanding in the US with such high profile clients.”

    Kiosked is one of those companies where you see they’re building massive machinery, but they seem to still be linking together the gears. Perhaps with this new partnership we’ll see brands and e-commerce stores starting to really use their product, and they’ll be chugging ahead full steam with this new collection of e-retailers.