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Kiosked Searching For Fun and Experienced Mobile Developers

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored job posting, but please help support ArcticStartup by passing this on to your friends looking for work in mobile development.

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One of the larger ideas being built in Northern Europe is Espoo based Kiosked. Kiosked turns any online content into a storefront. For those of you who haven’t seen ArcticStartup’s past coverage (or news of their €4.5 million round led by Kaj Hed), their concept works like this.

Brands and publishers can turn their images and videos instantly into a webshop, allowing customers to go from impulse to purchase right in a page’s content. It’s subtle, it’s powerful, and it could very well change how we interact with the web.

For example, watching an online video and like the song playing? With Kiosked you can purchase a digital download of the song instantly by hovering with your mouse over the video.

Looking at online pictures of the most recent red carpet event and fancy the clothing the stars are wearing?  You can, for example, find a deeper layer of information or purchase option rights from within the content by hovering your mouse over a skirt that Angelina Jolie is wearing and it will tell you the designer, the price and offer you a purchase option based on your location.

Using this broader idea of ubiquitous selling combined in any online content with their huge network of brands and retailers, Kiosked can go almost anywhere. But one area they’ll be focusing on next is mobile, and in turn they’re looking for senior mobile developers and supporting roles in their growing mobile focus.

Kiosked has moved from a startup with less than 20 employees to a company with close to 50 within a year, but that doesn’t mean new hires be forgoing any entrepreneurial spirit. There are clear goals of what Kiosked wants to accomplish and the new senior developers will be given huge amounts of flexibility to complete their tasks.

The senior developers will have full responsibility in developing mobile SDKs and APIs for outside developers, and will also get the opportunity to build example applications on top of Kiosked’s mobile platform. Kiosked works closely with their customers and partners, allowing developers to reach major international brands and publisher networks while working in a friendly atmosphere.

“The developers have a lot of fun and like to joke around, but we still work seriously and professionally,” says Frans Ekman, CTO at Kiosked.

Currently Kiosked has employees from 23 nationalities. The average age of developers is about 27 or 28, while the average age of the company hover’s closer to 30.

Yes, Kiosked is paying me to write this job posting, but honestly the company culture is enough reason to apply. I have a few friends working at the company, and the Kiosked folks seem to always be hanging out with each other after work. Not in a creepy “forced” kind of way, but at Kiosked you’ll be around good people you’ll want to spend time with.

One such example I heard was that one of their developers decided to start paragliding as a new hobby and sent out an email to the company asking if anyone wanted to come along. Seven people ended up joining him. Another example is that few people had the idea of planning a trip to St. Petersburg, and then last weekend half of Kiosked’s 43 employees went to Russia in their free time.

The bottom line? Kiosked gives you room for personal development in a fun, hardworking environment. If you’ve got the skills to set up and lead a team of mobile developers, you should be sending an email to Jobs@Kiosked.com.

For more information about the jobs, check out the Senior iOS Developer and Junior iOS Developer positions on our jobs board.

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