Kiosked Launched 'Branded Kiosks'

    Kiosked tells us that they have released a new feature that was previously quietly used by Angry Birds and Nike: Branded Kiosks. Basically from now on, you can have your very own Kiosk, as shown in an image above.
Sure, you might say that this is no biggie – companies will just get to keep the same feel for the brand everywhere. But that is exactly the point, companies will be able to have their brand present – everywhere.

    No matter where the content is published, who shares it and where it ends up in the end – it will be the same and branded.

    This also opens doors for Kiosked to reach larger corporations, who have very strict branding guidelines and simply could not use Kiosked previously.

    Jani Tierala, Head of Products at Kiosked commented: “The multitude of channels and devices for reaching out to consumers becomes a real obstacle if brand content does not work seamlessly across them. The Branded Kiosks feature solves this problem by allowing brands to connect all of their visual content with a unified brand message. The brand experience is consistent across all media and devices”.

    This also adds another very clear pricing and marketing feature for Kiosked as you can now get the Pro package for €500 a month that will get you branded Kiosks in addition to other services.

    Let’s see if this change will convince brands to start using Kiosked more often and if we start seeing more of them wherever we surf.