How To Become A Kickstarter Hit With Panic Button

The security technology just got better with a personal, small device that promises safety for every person in a suspicious situation.

The project called Nimb – a panic button ring, which sends GPS location to pre-selected receivers – reached its funding goal ($50,000) in less than 18 hours on Kickstarter. Long story short, they still have a month to go and have already raised $150,000.

We looked into the project to learn:  what makes this panic button so desirable in the eyes of crowdfunding supporters on Kickstarter? 

Set an ambitious and high-minded goal

Nimb is dedicated to helping people in a suspicious or dangerous situation and making the world a safer place. They market the device for teenagers and adults, senior citizens, children, caregivers and guardians and aim at creating a whole community of those who are not indifferent to safety issues.

Tip 1: A social-benefit message is always a good tool to use.

Nimb’s competitor Roar for Good (with the Athena product that in 2015 was a hit project on IndieGoGo) once pledged to donate 10 percent of its proceeds to non-profits that teach empathy and understanding.

Stay firm and true to what you take up

Nimb team is a bunch of nimble entrepreneurs, managers and directors with experience at Leo Burnett, Zenith, Optimedia, MediaCom, Saatchi&Saatchi and self-built marketing studios and agencies. From their website and blog we can notice a subtle message they’re trying to deliver: “Nimb is not a one-off venture, we would like to stay firm and true to what we undertake.”

For example, their CEO Leo Bereschansky launched in 2012 an online educational project that partnered with more than 50 famous actors from Russia. The company got a $480,000 per year grant from Google in AdWords advertising for its technology and unique ideas.

Tip 2: Listing your experience and projects looks endearing and convincing in the eyes of backers on Kickstarter or on any other crowdfunding platform.

Make it desirable

A wearable from a haute-tech couture is considered to be more desirable than a bulky device. While some comments on the Internet say the device look awkward, others admire its minimalistic and Nordic-style design.


Tip 3: Do not forget good-looking visual materials.

The design and user-friendliness of the device will get into more serious testing later this year when they start the first sales.  But what Nimb did very professionally was making ravishing and stunning photos with every target segment included. Their video clip is certainly no exception.

Make an intimate and empowering message

The buzz around the ring started with an intimate and empowering post by their communications director– who survived a violent attack 16 years ago. The post got more that 25,000 shares for 2 days and was even featured on Buzzfeed.

What’s the magic in that? It’s honest, personal, direct, without hatred, but a clear call to action – contribute to a safer world.

Tip 4: Start your communication and content strategy from the beginning. Don’t be too much hard or software-centered. Make sure you have enough space and time for words.

Your success story on Kickstarter is a tad closer now.