Kickstarter opening up in Scandinavia October 21st

    Got a lo-fi album, some smartwatch concept, or a potato salad you want to raise some money for? Kickstarter is soon ending up in Scandinavia in a new country rollout starting officially on October 21st.

    The U.S. based company announced the news last night meaning creators in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Ireland can now officially start building their Kickstarter project pages, which will then go live on the 21st. Like their UK localization, the money to be raised will be listed in the local currency but will be able to be thrown all together in the international site.

    The company’s policy is that you can use any language you want in your campaign, but they recommend at least an English translation for a maximum effect.

    Local reward-based crowdfunding platforms have been able to compete somewhat against Indiegogo, which allows listings from across the world, but it will be tough to compete against the tide as nearly every crowdfunding project is colloquially called a “kickstarter” these days.

    Kickstarter is no stranger to regional companies looking to raise some funds – but previously to get access to the hoard of money pumping through the site, companies had to set up a shell company in either the UK or U.S.