Kaskado Delivers Mobile Coupons

    Kaskado logoKaskado, founded in 2007, takes a Swedish approach to mobile coupons and marketing promotions. Kaskado’s Kaskado Deals mobile service is a mobile Java application which fetches location-based promotions over-the-air and displays them to users (well at the moment you need to pick your city from the list yourself).

    The mobile application is rather simple, but looks good. It’s easy to select a city, and downloading the offers doesn’t take much time. The UI is clear and displays all offers nicely. At the moment it was unclear to me, though, what exactly ‘activating’ an offer means, as it didn’t seem to have any other effect than a new green box on the screen.

    Kaskado Screenshot

    Kaskado apparently makes money from a monthly fee on each offer, and by taking some percentage fee of the used coupons. If ‘activating’ an offer in the client means Kaskado interprets that as a billable event, it sounds rather problematic implementation. I’m not sure about that, though.

    Kaskado has recently signed up the biggest coffee chain in the Scandinavia, Wayne’s coffee. Wayne’s Coffee has introduced Kaskado’s mobile offers to its 30 000 customers in Sweden. The customers can get offers and discounts in most of the chain’s cafes all over Sweden.