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Kanchipuram is the ruling capital of pallava dynasity. They mainly concentrated on developing vsisnavas temple and building structures. So we can see many temples around kanchipuram. People around kanchipuram are known for their unique lifestyle. There are several sightseeing places that bring us to devtional destinations.

Varadharaja perumal temple is a main pilgrimage spot for vaishnava people. The lord Vishnu is also in the form of “Athi Varathar”. The god’s statue is kept underground and taken 40 year once as a occasion. The temple is also special for have 350 inscriptions of Chola, Pallava dynasity. Along with Varadaraja perumal, Ekambaranathar temple and Kanchi Kamatchi temple is considered as a “Mummoorthivaasam”.

This temple’s main god is “Lalitha maha tirupura sundari”. This temple is built by Pallava kings. The 8th Centuries revered devotee “Adi sankarachariyar” re-established the chakra in temple. Kamatchi temple is the only sakthi shirne temple which is centered across all the shiva temple in Kanchipuram.

Kailasanathar temple is oldest temple in Kanchipuram. It is estimated that this temple would be built during “687-705” AD. The temple was built by II Narashima varman. The temple is 75 kilometers away from Chennai. The building was further developed by chola and vijayanagara dynasity.

Kanchi kudil is place which acts as a memorial for olden home buildings. The place is also known for the ethnic home structure. It is estimated that this home may be 110 year old. The building helps us explore more about olden days and living style.

Chitra gupta is considered as the assistant of lord “Yemadarma”. He is also known as God of death. It is beleived that Chitra guptar came from the painting of lord Bramha. Chitra guptar is the accountant of Lord yema and he used to calculate the good and Bad deed of human beings. The temple was built by Chola dynasity. The main occasion in this temple is “Chitra pournami” which falls in april.

Thennagur pandurangar temple is revered south indian temple of Lord Pandurangar. It is considered that this temple may be 500 year old temple. This temple is also known for its unique north indian structure. This place is also considered as birth place of Goddess Lakshmi.

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