Kahoot! Acquires Scandinavia’s Most Popular Learn-to-Read App Poio

Have you heard of Poio? He’s a troll. And the protagonist of Scandinavia’s most popular learn-to-read app, named after him. Poio as a company wants to go beyond just Scandinavia. After numerous “Poio English” Google searches, it has decided to join forces with Norwegian edTech player Kahoot in a strategic acquisition and aims to release an English version in June.

How Did Poio Start?

In 2012, father, teacher, and tech expert Daniel Senn began the research that would lead to the development of a game whose aim was to help all children learn how to read through the natural process of play. This led to Poio, a game centered around helping a young troll learn how to read a storybook he has swiped from some insects called “Readlings”. Mr. Senn says the idea was born from the difficulties of his own son who, born with a severe hearing disability, would need extensive assistance to master reading; the only way to do this, thought Senn and his wife, was to make the learning to read process fun and enjoyable.

Poio Today

    Nowadays Poio has become the star of Scandinavia’s most popular learn-to-read app, has passed 100,000 users and is looking to take on even more countries and demographics.

How Are They Going To Do It?

    Well, this morning Poio announced that they have been acquired by none other than Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes. Kahoot! is more than their capabilities, though. It is the company who, in just a few short years, was able to scale their business to millions of players worldwide!

“We’re impressed by how Poio has already helped more than 100,000 children in Scandinavia to learn how to read in an awesome way,” said Åsmund Furuseth, CEO and co-founder of Kahoot!.

In June, Poio will be launched to Kahoot!’s users across the world right around the time Kahoot!, Poio and DragonBox will present more information at the Kahoot! Company Update in Oslo on June 12, 2019.