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Back in September we wrote about Jyri Engeström and his team closing $775 000 in seed money for his new startup. Today, we’re able to share with you that they’re now launching Ditto – a new way to discover places, movies and other activities as well as share what you’re planning to do or currently doing. It borrows from many services, but builds them all together in the most natural way possible.

Ditto resembles many services such as Jaiku (Engeström’s former startup he sold to Google) and FourSquare. It’s all mobile and currently available for the iOS on the App Store.

The way the app works is, you can share your activities you’re planning to do by simply tapping on items. Jyri Engeström stated that “it’s designed from ground up, for mobile”. Not only are you able to share your locations where you are, or where you’re planning to go to, but you’re also able to share activities such as which movie you’re about to see or if you’re currently working, for example.

“Discovery is going social, social is going mobile, and nailing it is a huge, Google-sized opportunity that could replace traditional search on the phone. Ditto’s beauty is in that it naturally captures you at the moment when you make a decision, and combines algorithmic results with real time recommendations from your social graph”, Jyri Engeström says.

I’ve played around with the app in the past weeks and it’s very easy to use. It’s also able to create threads of discussions like Jaiku used to create back in the day. An interesting addition to the basic usage of the app is a sort of a recommendations karma. You can thank people who suggest things to you based on your intentions. Each user will then have a certain ranking based on how many thank you’s they’ve received from their peers – thus increasing that person’s appreciation in their social graph.

However, you’re best going to learn about it by downloading the app to your iPhone and checking it out for yourself. Below are a few screenshots to help you understand what it’s all about.

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