June Nordic CrowdFunding Overview

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to alert you to the crowdfunding options in the region. Research before investing – early stage companies are high risk.

    Equity crowdfunding movement is clearly the way of the future and what is great about it is that the Nordic region is at the forefront of it. With two fully operational equity crowdfunding companies, FundedByMe and Invesdor, the region is ahead of many others that are still awaiting regulatory permissions.

    The competition will increase, however, so both of them are active with introductions of new companies and services. Today we are brining the newest equity crowdfunding investment opportunities by Invesdor and FundedByMe:

    We have already covered the fact that Invesdor has a partnership with Taaleritehdas, a Finnish wealth management company. Since then, however, the partnership has taken the next step and Taaleritehdas has now reserved €1 Million specifically for investments into Invesdor companies.

    This means that if Taaleritehdas does invest into a company, then it will be a “seal of quality” of sorts that assures other investors of the quality of the project.

    In addition to this announcement, Invesdor also recently launched new companies to invest into. Here are some of them:

    Lumi is an extremely interesting investment case. They are already the number one player in the leather bags industry in Finland and sell their products in over 20 countries worldwide. They have a turnover of €1,4 million and are already profitable.

    The difficulty lies in the expansion, the working capital is tied in bi-yearly product purchases and makes it difficult to grow quickly. Therefore the company is looking for funding in order to open new retail stores in Finland and abroad. If you are also in the target group, you will be able to start getting returns on your investment immediately as they offer a 20% discount on all Lumi products forever to all supporters.

    Another interesting company is Moisture Sniffer by RF SensIT.

    If the name did not give it away already, the idea is very simple – to detect moisture early on. Not just any moisture, but the one that can build up in building materials in your apartment. This is actually a very serious problem as research shows that 1/3 of all buildings will suffer moisture problems at some point. They, in turn, can lead to health problems, high repair costs if not detected early, environmental issues, structural damage, mood, etc.

    Moisture Sniffer takes care of all of that in a cost efficient way, making houses smarter, safer and healthier. You can find out more and invest here.

    If you are into social companies that try to make a difference in our society, then you should also check out SmartVisio. They are putting together a solution for the elderly that attempts to increase their quality of life. It involves a TV, remote controls, video camera and audio handsfree as well as software that helps with monitoring, communications, content delivery and more.

    They already have 7 customers and 12 more awaiting confirmation. That is already €80 000 in turnover which would grow to over €260 000 if all of the sales go through. You can invest into SmartVisio here.

    FundedByMe also has a great selection of companies, raging from infant clothing to super healthy fast food to crowdfunding platforms. So without further adieu let’s take a closer look.

    It is always great to meet companies that are trying to make the world a better place by doing something other than new social networks or shopping list apps. Take Beibamboo for instance, they have designed infant hospital clothing that cuts the time the nurse needs to spend on clothing in half, minimizes risks of infection. helps with body temperature regulation and allows direct involvement of parents earlier on.

    The company won several awards for their innovative design that is not only convenient but can help save lives. They are looking for just €65 000 and already received €21 820 from over 40 investors, check them out here.

    We love ‘meta’, so when we heard that a crowdfunding platfrom is using another crowdfunding platform for crowdfunding, we were excited. This is exactly what SellanApp is doing on FundedByMe.

    The idea is to create a crowdfunding platform that would help with bringing App ideas to life. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, this one focuses not only on funding your idea but also on finding a developer that will bring it to life.

    Basically you can submit any idea that you want, select the perks and then developers can commit to your idea once it reaches acceptable levels. The team is looking to raise €400 000 and has already amassed €160 440. You can join the crowd here.

    Once you have your app, its a good idea to get a good and healthy breakfast. Unfortunately that is easier said than done, especially if you want to avoid carbs. This is where the Swedish based Eggs Inc. comes in. They want to revolutionise fast food by offering healthy egg based breakfasts with 0 carbs.

    According to them, this is Europe’s first and they are looking to expand quickly both in Sweden and abroad. To do so, they need your help. To find out more about the company and to invest, check out their campaign on FundedByMe.

    Top Photo by Shutterstock.