Jumpstarter sees good initial traction with Developers

    One of the more hyped companies still in stealth last year was Omnicloud – which rebranded to Jumpstarter as they announced a raise of €1.3 million and launched their private beta last fall. The service provides a one-stop shop to simplify getting new web projects online.

    Last evening the company said they’ve managed to attract 2,000 developer sign-ups in the first week after moving from private to public beta, suggesting the company is seeing good traction. During the beta phase, the developers have used the service for a number of projects, ranging from mobile backends, client websites, facebook apps, and ecommerce websites, and so on.

    The startup is designed to simplify a web developer’s workflow by throwing up a dead simple GUI (with apparently heavy tech on the backend) that saves much of the time spent not-coding. through jump starter, developers don’t need to configure servers or mess with local environments, and the process simplifies deployments or continuous integration.

    Jumpstarter plugs into a few frameworks, such as PHP and WordPress (the company’s core frameworks) with additional support CodeIgniter, Drupal, and others. In the future Jumpstarter will be adding more integrations, rumored to be Node.js next.

    We’ve managed to get our hands on Jumpstarter, and the service seems pretty slick and easy to use (especially considering the level I’m at). In a few clicks you’ve got hosting and an environment set up – which can go even faster if you clone a past project.

    Jumpstarter also supports team collaboration and “Peak protection” to give servers more power when you hit a traffic spike.

    The pricing runs on requests per month – so it’s free to dink around in your own development server, but once you put a project live with a custom domain, the service charges $49 a month for unlimited websites but a limit of 30,000 requests. A professional package runs $129/mo while enterprise projects run $799 a month.

    Jumpstarter – a next-generation hosting platform from Jumpstarter on Vimeo.