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jongla_logoI heard of a new startup yesterday called Jongla. It’s a Finnish startup, that promises to take advantage of the mobile platform and its capabilities of marketing personally. The business model is simple, sell the platform to marketers as a media. What is the platform then? It’s an application that all mobile phone users can load for free and the catch here for consumers is that with the platform, they are able to send free multimedia messages to each other. The startup itself isn’t very new. The company was founded already back in 2004.

The company does not share a lot of information on their website, but claims that mobile data traffic will grow 66-fold by 2013. They also state that they will combine all the different advantages of the traditional media, newspaper, television as well as direct marketing. Therefore my guess is that advertisers are able to push content with the messages in many different formats, be it video, sound or written text.

The company website states only two contacts regarding the company itself, Arto Boman and Fredrik Widenäs. However, digging into public records the board members are Arto Boman, Hannu Pudas and Riku Salminen. Pudas is the owner of Fudeco, a coding house established in 2002. Salminen is a senior technical consultant at Nokia, according to his LinkedIn profile.

It’s interesting to see how this sort of an approach will work compared to Blyk, for example. The key is perhaps in the usability of such an service as sending messages is one of the core functions of phones these days. Thus the service ought to work smoother than the native solutions available.

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