Jolla's Marc Dillon: Join The Movement And Spread The Love!

    Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post for the DNA Engine Blog by Marc Dillion, head of Jolla’s Sailfish development.

    Jolla was born out of passion. We saw that we had a chance to make something really unique, and we decided to do it although seemed crazy to many people at the time. We have proven that by being different, doing unlike things and spreading the love, we can create a world class product with enormous demand and support from the world.

    I don’t think that a year ago when we started any of us knew what was ahead. Wow, what an amazing journey it has been. We have the best team EVER working on Sailfish, we have the first fantastic devices and we have all that is needed to deliver and support them. It’s not only our team of sailors – from the very beginning we had a community who believed in us and wanted the same things we do: a truly independent and open alternative in mobile. The world’s greatest community has expanded organically and the new people joining the movement make it stronger every day. We share the values of free spirit, open innovation and rebellion attitude.

    The modern way to build something great and meaningful is to give the power to the people. Co-creation, open source systems and mutual empowerment are truly the only way to do something like this. It’s not DIY (do it yourself) but DIT (do it together). Without the Jolla community we would not be here today – revealing our first device!

    DNA joined the movement early on. Last year we met with a very enthusiastic team from DNA and have had excellent co-operation since.

    Introducing The Other Half
    Today we are very honored to show the first Jolla to the world. It consists of two halves. Like yin and yang, we have two complementing parts that together form something new and inspiring, something Unlike.

    Our Sailfish operating system and the beautiful design make Jolla a pleasure to use. It’s quick, it’s smooth, and it’s fantastic – but it’s made even better with The Other Half. When you choose and snap on The Other Half, you personalize the look and feel, add content, and change the whole ambience of the device’s user interface. The Other Half of Jolla makes the device really alive and personal, your imagination is the only limit.

    Inviting you to pre-order
    The first ever Other Half will be available through our pre-order campaign as of today. We invite you to show your support and tell us you are there – and we will make sure that you hear more of the last mile that is ahead of us.

    Through the pre-order campaign, you will get a personal pre-order number for the first device purchase. You can also invest 40 euros and get a cool t-shirt in addition. If you want your very own limited edition Jolla with an exclusive pre-order limited edition Other Half, you can pre-order yours and get a 100 euro phone discount voucher for your 100 euro investment.

    As Jolla is all about creativity, contribution and participation, we’d like to invite you to co-create Jolla even further with us: we will ask for your feedback to make the first Jolla perfect – what colors you like, what apps should be included, what content excites you. We also invite you to spread the message and Love of the movement: If you are developer, start to make apps; If you are blogger, write about us; If you are a designer, design new styles for Jolla; Spread the word, invite more friends, start new communities. Join the tribe.

    Let’s make this happen together – with the tribe of unlike people.

    Marc Dillon is one the founding members of Jolla and is in charge of the Sailfish OS development, based on MeeGo and Mer Core open source projects. Marc has 20+ years of wireless industry experience from carrier management and billing systems to device creation and management. Prior to Jolla he worked for Nokia, where he focused on delivery and productization of wireless mobile devices in 2001-2012.

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