Editor’s note: Please see correction at the end of the article for an update.

We covered Jolla in July as they set about an ambitious task to build a MeeGo phone. Nokia built N9, which was their first MeeGo phone and discontinued the line later on. This meant that N9 was their only MeeGo enabled phone. Many thought that this was a crucial mistake for Nokia as the phone immediately received fans around the world for its UI and usability. One thing that was missing though, at least to the comparison of iOS and Android, was the app ecosystem. Jolla, a new Finnish based venture has picked up the pieces and is planning to release a MeeGo enabled phone later this year.

One of the questions, and perhaps the most important one, that has been asked from Jussi Hurmola, the CEO of Jolla, is that of: “How do you plan to solve the problem with building an app ecosystem for the phone?”. Tero Lehto from Finnish 3T publication interviewed Jussi Hurmola and learned that the company will be enabling Android (although he does not want to officially disclose it just yet) as well as Qt-applications. and HTML5-applications to their platform through something that is called ACL (application compatibility layer) Jolla PR got in touch with us and told us that the use of ACL is currently speculation. They will be announcing more information regarding this later this year.

Hurmola is thrilled about the openness of their platform and also stated that multitasking is better than that of their competitors. “Our UI is more modern than that of Android and iPhone. They have been relatively static for five years and there are possibilities of creating a better UI”, Hurmola tells 3T.

He does not disclose too much about their first phone yet, but tells it has a screen size larger than 3,5″. The devices are built by subcontractors, but Jolla is also hiring designers themselves to have a strong say in how they look and feel.

It seems like Jolla is definitely working on something interesting that has the potential to grow huge. Opening up the application silos Apple and Google have carefully built and continue to protect might turn out to be a key competitive advantage for the young company. If the fanfare towards the N9 among developers is of any indication, we’re surely up for a great autumn.

Update (14:05 CET): Our Finnish seems to be deteriorating. Hurmola hinted that the device will have a larger screen size than 3.5 inches. Previously we stated that the phone will have a 3.5″ screen.

Update 21.8.2012 (9:40 CET): Jolla PR got in touch with us and we made corrections to the article regarding the ACL-technology. They told us that the use of that technology is currently pure speculation and the company will disclose their strategy later this year.

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