Jolla Is Back In Business… For Now?

Jolla has been hit by a financial crisis after an unsuccessful funding round, which resulted in several employees being temporarily laid off. However, despite the crisis Jolla managed to secure the funding and continue on their way towards Sailfish 2.0 and Jolla tablet.

Antti Saarnio, Jolla’s co-founder and chairman of the board shared the tough news with Jolla community in December. Photo: Jolla

Jolla Ltd., the mobile company from Finland, is developing mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the independent mobile operating system. Jolla is using their own mobile OS called Sailfish, Linux powered operating system. As any other mobile company they are trying to earn their place under The Sun and disrupt well established dominance of Apple and Google on the mobile market. Jolla is not the only one, Ubuntu with their Ubuntu Touch and KDE with Plasma Mobile are also trying to reach the end-game market.

Unfortunately, Jolla has been hit by financial problems and as the result failed to deliver one of their new key products Jolla Tablet. It went as far as nearly entire workforce has been temporarily laid off and apply for debt restructuring.

Fear no more Jolla fans, the company has managed to secure the funding round and has once again resumed their work on Sailfish 2.0 and Jolla tablet.

The future is not certain for Jolla at all, securing the financial position is only half of the problem solved. Company must also attract users, as well as keep their promises otherwise it’s not tech giants Jolla will have problems with – but the passionate community that company has failed to deliver what’s been promised to them.

We wish all the best for Jolla – and hopefully we’ll get to hear great news in 2016!