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John Romero is Coming to Finland

John Romero, one of the original developers of Doom and Quake, is coming to Kajaani for a rare overseas visit. The reason to come all the way to Finland is valid – a speaking gig at the Northern Game Summit.

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The Northern Game Summit (NGS) is a game conference and an annual networking event for the game development trade and associated industries held in the middle of Finland’s woodland, in the city of Kajaani. On October 5th and 6th 2017 NGS will bring together developers, investors, publishers and many other game professionals to mingle, connect and exchange ideas, and share the hottest news of the game development industry.

If you are into gaming and able to travel 500lm north from Helsinki, this is your must-attend event of the year! Besides John Romero, The Northern Game Summit brings great speakers from all around the world including Adam Harrington from the US (voice actor, famous for Tales from Monkey Island and Wolf Among Us), Patrick Rose from Germany (Business and Product Analyst at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe), Eevi Korhonen from Finland (Game Designer at Remedy Entertainment) and Timo Heinäpurola from Finland (Senior Engineer at Reforged Studios).

In addition to keynotes from all of the above, the event will have three parts – The Business Mixer, Bonus Stage Party, and the NGS 2017 itself, and six different tracks: Design, Production, Art, Audio, Business and Tech. This year’s theme will be a game psychology and how do games and gaming influence human mind.

If this event sounds like your cup of tea, early bird tickets are available here.

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