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Jobs Board Weekly

Every monday, we’ll be presenting some of the most interesting open positions at our jobs board.

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Alongside scanning through interesting positions, you can also add new open positions at our jobs board.

This week we’ll introduce 5 Full Stack Developer (and full time) positions located in Helsinki, Espoo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Check out for further information at the jobs board.

Noisli, Copenhagen

Noisli team is looking for a passionate Full Stack Developer excited to work in a young startup environment, who:

  • knows Javascript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, PostgreSQL/MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, AWS
  • can work with and assist UI/UX and front-end development
  • is a Team Player
  • loves Noisli

Unity, Copenhagen

Game development software company Unity is looking for a Editor Developer, who:

  • is is the champion of designing new functionalities and can work work the core & graphics developers to expose these features
  • thrives to improve things – such as existing tools, workflows and API
  • has 3+ years of game industry experience
  • has a passion for creating usable, polished and enjoyable user experiences

Dear Lucy, Helsinki

Dear Lucy team is looking for smart and adventurous CTO / Lead Architect / Full Stack Developer, who:

  • knows how to code and would be the key player in building the next global cloud success story
  • has strong voice and visions in product development steering group
  • knows NodeJS, SockJS, JavaScript, RiotJS, lodash, Gulp, MongoDB, Heroku, Compose, microservices architecture

Versoteq 3D Solutions, Espoo

Versoteq, a forerunner in high-quality 3D software and solutions, is looking for a Software Engineer, who:

  • has a deep understanding of 3D models for both web visualization and 3D printing
  • has know-how in computer graphics
  • is innovative and open minded
  • has fluent skills in English and is willing to travel

Klarna, Stockholm

Klarna is looking for an awesome Software Developer with Merchant Experience, who:

  • takes part in every step of the software development process from designing to automating delivery
  • loves to solve problems
  • has around two years of experience and is used to work in a Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery environment
  • has colleagues that love working with you

Check out also other interesting open positions at jobs.arcticstartup.com. There’s positions open in several fields, such as mobile development, customer service, marketing and business development.

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