Finnish company Jobilla has raised 8.25m euros to create a candidate-driven recruitment framework competing in its league


With funding from Juuri Partners and Trind VC, Jobilla can offer its AI-powered recruiting platform to more companies competing with Great Resignation and War for Talent.


HELSINKI, Finland (1 February 2022) Finnish talent acquisition startup Jobilla announced the successful conclusion of a €8.25m funding round led by venture capital investors Juuri Partners and Trind VC. Jobilla has streamlined the recruitment process across five continents by creating a recruitment method in which every detail of the candidate’s experience is analyzed and optimized to the maximum extent. The funding round consists of €7 million of equity financing, the remainder of which comes from Business Finland loans and grants. In 2021, Jobilla was awarded as the best recruitment marketing platform by G2, one of the largest review sites in the world.

Jobilla has generated 150% revenue from 2020 to 2021, after raising its previous startup round less than a year ago, and has all the equipment available to further expand its operations, particularly in the German and US markets. Jobilla’s clients in the US include companies such as Pfizer and Arkansas Surgical Hospital. In Germany they provide services to clients such as the German Red Cross.

“We are currently making progress in every market where we have a solution. With the help of our investors, we can further this growth rate by establishing collaborations with key players in different markets who can offer our solution in the relevant market.” says Henri Nordström, CEO and co-founder of Jobilla.

Jobilla’s solution combines AI-powered candidate evaluation, a mobile-enabled framework, and best marketing strategies that enable top candidates to explore job opportunities, whether they’re employed or not. By analyzing up to 35 different metrics from the recruitment framework, Jobilla aims to eliminate the obstacles in the candidate’s path, one click at a time.

“Our solution isn’t really fiercely competitive with any other company in this over $500 billion market, because no one thinks of recruiting from such pure candidate experience.” continues Nordström.

The global recruitment market is currently as up-to-date as can be. Great changes are taking place both physically and mentally, both in the way we work and in the place where we want to be employed.Megatrends like the Great Resignation and the Talent War are forcing companies to shift from organization-focused hiring to candidate-driven work, because offering a job with salary benefits alone is insufficient to attract the veteran.

“We told Jobilla to come and contact us when they reached four million euros. A few months later they called us: “We’ve already hit that target”. This convinced us in addition to an energetic and professionally oriented team. The growth potential in the recruitment market is almost endless, which is why this industry is attractive. “We’re there to help companies grow globally,” says Eetu Blomqvist, CTO of Juuri Partners.

When Jobilla promised us more candidates, at first I was not so sure and had my doubts. However, the great results surprised us positively. We got more referrals than using the old methods. This gave us a good incentive to start using Jobilla for all the recruiting we do,” explains Johanna Nykänen, hiring manager at Esperi Care, one of the largest aged care housing providers in Finland.

“They need to improve their and their processes towards candidate-driven recruiting, making the experience nice and effortless for the candidate. This often requires a complete refactoring of the existing process. But effective candidate marketing tactics can be used by many organizations by tracking the metrics and cost structures of different channels and repairing the broken process. It can fix hiring issues, and that’s what we at Jobilla are currently solving.” finishes Nordström.