Senior Backend Developer to tackle climate change



Senior Backend Developer

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Build the tech platform that makes it seamless to decarbonise homes

Carbon emissions are still increasing, but we can do something about it.

In Europe, 12% of our CO₂ emissions come from heating our homes (about as much as using our cars).

Getting those emissions to zero will be a gargantuan task; retrofitting a building with sustainable alternatives is a complex task involving many stakeholders – and there are 90 million buildings that need an upgrade.

Technology alone won’t solve the issue, but we believe it can remove bottlenecks to make those retrofits a more seamless and more affordable option for everyone involved.

We’re building the platform that makes it easy for everyone to estimate, configure and model a heat pump deployment in homes, while reducing friction that keeps craftsmen from loving being a sustainability hero.


  • Build what matters: Spend your working hours designing and developing end-to-end solutions that makes it easier for everyone to participate in the decarbonisation of our homes and our economy
  • Define a new codebase: Build a codebase from a clean slate. You’ll build a system that orchestrates a messy physical world and which will scale into adjacent, carbon reducing domains.
  • Own your code: You’ll get full responsibility of the code you write, but surrounded by people who are there to help
  • Create an amazing dev experience: Optimise the developer experience for yourself and your team members, allowing us to move the needle efficiently
  • Establish a technical culture: Establish/promote an honest learning culture, built on trust and a growth mindset
  • Help others shine: Constructively suggest technical approaches, improve solutions and perform code-reviews with peers, so we can carve the best path forward


  • An experienced backender: You probably have 3+ years of experience working as a software developer – you’ve worked with Python, Go or similar in the backend and have some familiarity with basic DevOps.
  • Passionate about the craft: You take a pride in your craft, and you’re curious about staying up to date on new technologies and practices. You strive for balance between tried-and-tested, and new and shiny.
  • Work independently, anchored in teamwork: You thrive out of silos and with early collaboration in building product, and have opinions on what we are building and why.
  • Good at balancing now and future: What matters to you is the real life value our stakeholders get from what you are building. You sense when it’s time to pay tech debt and when it can be incurred in the interest of speed.
  • A sharer and teacher: We want you to bring your experience and how you like to work into the mix, so we can create an awesome company together. Similarly, you want to learn from other people’s experiences.
  • Okay with ambiguity: Early startup life is never a straight line. You don’t mind that ambiguity, and can see when structure is required and when it’s in the way.
  • A plus if: You’ve been part of an early startup journey/setting up tech stacks
  • A plus if: You’ve worked with or around workflow/orchestration/process-heavy industries

If you feel like you don’t meet all of the requirements for a role, we encourage you to apply anyways. We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome gets in the way of meeting incredible candidates, and don’t want it to get in the way of meeting you.



  • 50.000-65.000kr/month
  • Equity
  • Minimalistic pension in order to get insurances


  • Cozy office in Copenhagen shared with Monta
  • Catered lunch, ad libitum yummy snacks and drinks
  • Pick your own hardware

If you feel like you don’t meet all of the requirements for a role, we encourage you to apply anyways. We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome gets in the way of meeting incredible candidates.

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