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Sales Development Representative

Liveto is a growth company from Jyväskylä that provides the industry’s leading event platform for cloud-based event management. The Liveton platform includes excellent tools for executing combinations of both physical events and online virtual events, ie hybrid events. Liveto currently employs 20 people and the team is growing at a steady pace. Liveto’s mission is to help event organizers succeed with a modern platform and professional staff.  

Employees describe Liveto as a workplace in the following ways:

  • An organization where employees, owners, and managers are at the very same level. Employees are respected and the management team is easily approachable.
  • A workplace where you can take responsibility and space to implement your own skills and develop as a factor.
  • The technical tools, processes and methods are modern. The way you work is very agile and flexible.
  • A company with an excellent team spirit. Shared breakfasts, weekly yoga, avant-garde swimming, Frisbee Golf Weekly and other little things create joy and togetherness.
  • You can use 2 hours a week to develop your well-being and skills. You can go to the gym, read or meditate, for example.

Watch the video where Liveto people talk about it in their own words! VIDEO:

Now you have the opportunity to join this ambitious and authentic gang, as the Open Development Representative (SDR) wash is open! 

What would your SDR job at Liveto include? 

You are the top players in the sales team, i.e. frequent first contact with potential customers. You do a lot of contact work by phone and email and go through the MQL generated by the marketing team. You have access to modern search services that make it easy for you to create different contact lists based on jointly agreed strategic search criteria. You are actively interacting with the rest of the sales team and come back from the desire to achieve tough results with the team, as joint success is rewarded, as is the individual level. Your primary focus is on the domestic market, but international leads may also be available.

What do we expect from you? 

We hope you have a bold, independent, self-initiated and systematic approach to work. You have to manage large entities at work, because there may be more things at work at the same time. 

Previous work experience is considered an advantage (1-3 years), but in the end, attitude and competence are decisive. We help and teach, but we also want to see you do it on your own.

You need good or excellent computer / IT skills, ie you can use Apple / PC devices, quickly adopt new software, and you are familiar with all the most typical software. On weekdays you use software such as: Hubspot, Slack, Ms Office, G-suite, etc.

In addition to our sales expertise, we would like you to have enthusiasm and fire for the event industry and new technologies. You will do well with us if you are honest in nature, easy going, fearless, straightforward and open! We get to be ourselves and here each of us is respected as an individual.

Salary, employment benefits and job location

You can express your salary wishes yourself. The starting point is a good base salary + commission for postings + success of the sales team.

To work, you get:

  • New Macbook + external monitor, etc. 
  • Opportunity to participate in the company’s weekly guided yoga on site or remotely.
  • Free avant-garde membership to your preferred location.
  • 2 hours of work per week for well-being and self-development.

At Liveto, people really like to work at the company’s headquarters in Jyväskylä, where each team has its own offices to bring peace of mind – we are not very big fans of open offices. The authors have their own fixed workstations at which they can work in a concentrated way. Alternatively, people can and do work remotely, so a physical presence in Jyväskylä is neither a requirement nor a necessity – we have employees all the way to Tenerife. However, we feel that the company’s culture and feel are best conveyed at Nisulankatu 78. 

Apply to Liveto as a Sales Development Representative by submitting an application telling you who you are, where you come from and where you are going. At the same time, tell us what you think modern sales are and why you would be the right person for our top team? At the same time, attach a concise CV for viewing.

Search for a place 2.5. by The Hub, the position will be filled as soon as a suitable person is found.

For more information or questions please contact us.

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