Lead Developer, Ruby on Rails

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We are Presail Community-driven funding allows anyone, anywhere, to come together to raise funds for a common cause. The goal could be anything, investing in a startup, raising money for charity, or buying the US constitution. Presail is about enabling these communities. We aim to make early-stage investments more accessible than ever before.

Salary €100 000 – 120 000

Job description

About us

At Presail, we make Web3 investment communities simpler to run and safer to join. Presail gives the community managers the tools they need to manage their groups, reducing their risk of making mistakes, of getting hacked, or of getting scammed. Our vision is to become the leading software for Web3 investment communities, and to make a lasting, positive impact on the space.

About the role

You will work as a senior developer in the Ruby on Rails team. This means you’ll be working to ship new features that our customers and community will love. We have seen a huge influx of users since we launched, so working to scale our code and infrastructure will be a large part of the job. You might even work to fix the occasional bug or two, but we’re not that bad in that regard (we promise).

What you’ll do

Here are some examples of the development tasks the Presail team has on its plate:
  • Implementing AML (Anti-Money Laundering) measures, using third-party APIs, to prevent bad actors from accessing fundraises on our platform

  • Building a refund system that allows our partners to refund their investors on-chain, directly through our platform

  • Building a portfolio manager, where investors get a complete overview of their investments

  • Making a custom invoicing system, to invoice efficiently at scale

  • Migrating our database away from Heroku, in accordance with our long-term scaling roadmap’

What you’ll get in return

  • €100 000 – 120 000 salary, depending on the fit and previous experience

  • 5 weeks of vacation, in addition to national holidays

  • Premium health insurance, no matter where you’re located. Dental and vision included

  • Employee stock option plan! Up to 0,75% ownership.

  • Workstation stipend. Let’s get you set up with your dream desk!

  • Work remotely

  • No expectations to be always-online when you are not working

How to apply

In addition to asking for your CV and contact details, we ask all applicants to add a cover letter. The cover letter is what makes your application stand out, so don’t rush it! Let us know why you would be a great match for the role, and why you’re interested in joining the team. Don’t hesitate to share your work and life experience, and let us know what you can bring to Presail. You can submit the cover letter directly into the text box on the page, or if you want to go the extra mile, leave a link to a file or website with your cover letter.

Job requirements

Hard Skills – show us what you can do!

● Proven track record working with Ruby on Rails  and cloud-based infrastructure (AWS, Google, Heroku, Digital Ocean, or similar)

● Previously built systems that have operated at a large scale

● Knowledge on how to write code that is readable, maintainable, and performant

● DevOps experience

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills – is that a hard skill? For us it is!

● If you’ve worked with Web3 and blockchain before – hey, that’s a big plus

● Experience with the rest of our stack: Heroku, Hotwire, Javascript, AWS, Cloudflare, Redis

Soft Skills – show us who you are!

● Understanding of the product you’re working on, and the users you’re making it for

● You’re not just a good team player, you’re a great one! And an all-around good colleague

● You like bringing something new to bring to the table, in terms of knowledge or experience

Perks and Benefits

Work from anywhere We are fully remote! Our office is where you are.
25 paid vacation days Work-life balance is important to us. We do great work at work, and then make time for the rest that life has to offer.
Equity & Competitive salary What do we mean by that? Check our job descriptions!
Cutting-edge technology What will Web3 bring? Work with exciting technology, and solve unique problems.
Premium Health Insurance We are prepared for the bad days as well as the good. We offer premium health insurance, dental and vision included, no matter where you’re located.
Leased Tech From your laptop to your headphones, we get you set up with the workstation of your dreams!

To apply for this job please visit presail.recruitee.com.