Head of product



Live climate-friendly

Salary Competitive

Equity To be negotiated

Fight climate change with us! Climaider is an app-based climate startup fighting to lower the barrier to take climate action and engage employees in bottom-up climate action.

We make it easier, more fun and more effective to take climate action as an individual.

Through our app you can:

  1. Understand your carbon footprint.
  2. Reduce your footprint by doing small challenges that have a big impact.
  3. Support world class climate projects in developing nations.


Would you like to work with a small, tight-knit team to develop the climate solutions of tomorrow? Are you passionate about designing exceptional user experiences? Would you like to join a young, fast paced startup fighting climate change and are you up for the task of managing our product development – both the development sprints and the long term product roadmap? Then we have an unique opportunity for you!

You are

Experienced in product management specifically in a startup or growth company and able to manage both product sprints as well as the long-term product roadmap.

A good UX designer and researcher, able to use research, usability tests, and metrics to sharpen design decisions.

Good at concept development, particularly customer development and requirements definition.

Proficient in wireframing and basic mockups using Figma or similar.

Interested in learning about climate change.

The role

You will be the person in charge of the development of the app, responsible that we use our development resources efficiently and that our users have a great experience using the app and cutting their emissions. You will be a key part of deciding which direction to go, how the user experience will be, when and if to pivot and will be part of making the big strategic decisions with our founders.

As head of product you will

Do UX design and concept work

Manage product sprints and roadmap

Gather user feedback and use A/B test data to aid in future design decisions.

The most important component of the Climaider app is our climate challenges. This could be something like going vegan for a week, switching electricity provider, carpooling or loads of other things. One of your major tasks will be coming up with these challenges, designing them in a manner that will be engaging to our users and make it fun and easy to take climate action that actually makes a difference.

You will be responsible for for the product backlog, sprint planning, UX & concept design, and customer development. You will work closely with our 4 developers as well as our UI designer and our CEO.

We are a bunch of young, passionate people working at Climaider and the hierarchy is very flat and lots of ideas are thrown around. You will be the person with the final say in which ideas make it into the app and which do not.

Technical knowledge is a bonus but not a must.

We offer

An exciting position at the heart of the product business and with a very central role in the development of Climaider.

You can see a direct effect of your actions and the role you fill. There is a great development opportunity in the role and you will both develop your personal skills and have the chance to have a prominent role in the journey of a growing startup with global ambitions.

We are an impact and mission driven startup and you can expect a fair salary, but compensation to be weighted towards warrants over salary.

We expect you to put in your best effort and to work hard for your designated hours. We do not however believe in the startup 100-hour workweek myth at all. You can expect an average 40 hour workweek with us and no pressure to work more than that. We want you to put in the best work you can and we’re very flexible in accommodating your needs in that regard.


At Climaider we treat each other like family and we invite you to become a part of that. There is no pressure to stay beyond work hours but if you are interested to join, we very often do stuff together outside of work, whether just hanging in the office late afternoons working on passion projects or doing stuff together in the weekends.

For more information or questions please contact us.

To apply for this job email your details to oliver@climaider.com