Full-Stack Developer

  • Full Time
  • Oslo


Nornir is an infrastructure provider and operator for industrial IoT and smart cities. We provide maintenance and coverage for intelligent networks based on unique invention that support any standard and proprietary wireless technologies. Nornir offers hosting services on physical infrastructure and maintenance on network gateways, security and domain administration. Our service SynxHive enables devices, sensors, actuators and other assets to be monetized across domains and to be roamed between various platform systems. SynxHive contains several runtime tools that can be used to dynamically configure the network resources and scale on demand.

Workplace Oslo, Norway

Monthly Salary Competitive salary

Equity To be negotiated


Full-stack Developer


Data Science



Do you want to drive development of the latest tech in IoT and Web Communication? Do you want to work with the best in the industry? Are you ready to pitch technology to other developers, support them and contribute to open standards and collaboration?

– Then Nornir is the right workplace for you!

We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer with network expertise who will be responsible for establishing optimization and further developing our core technology Synx BIOS.

You will be central in the development of a distributed program that enables intelligent network resources to use the web as a platform for innovation. Put another way: You will be central in creating the new internet we call “Real Time Web”.

The position is demanding and you must master several programming languages ​​and have experience in developing programs that run in memory (in-memory processing) with extended addressing.

You must have in-depth knowledge of operating systems, network protocols and semantic web. You must have experience with event based architecture and a good understanding of domain mapping and networking.

In this role YOU will, among other things, have the opportunity to:

  • Influence the technology of the future and how it is promoted
  • International cooperation with experts from other countries
  • Implementation of future standardization
  • Gain experience with the latest in networking technologies
  • Stay up to date and evaluate new technology before it hits the market

We are looking for YOU who can recognize YOURSELF in any of the following qualifications:

  • Coding at your fingertips and understanding of addressable resources
  • Good at prioritizing, being proactive and taking initiative
  • Genuine interest in learning new things
  • Good at communicating with other people
  • Has good communication skills and is fluent in English as a written language
  • Is good at motivating others

We believe YOU will succeed and thrive best with us if YOU:

  • Has high implementation ability
  • Thrives at a high pace
  • Is structured, methodical and systematic
  • Ability to get people with you

To apply for this job please visit nornir.io.