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Let’s start with an easy question: Do you get the thrills when talking about data exploration? Okay, so far so good. Let’s jump to the next one: Would you like to be part of one of the best fintech companies coming out of Copenhagen? If you can answer YES to this one as well then we are off to a pretty good start. Let’s continue.

We are Risika. Data lovers, Culture geeks, Visionaries, Doers, Leaders, Gamers, Learners, Explores, Moms, Dads, Dog lovers, Strategists, Foodies but most importantly we are People-People and we genuinely believe that our people are the most important part of our company. Still with us? Great, then please keep reading.

We are looking for a Data Analyst that of course has the right experience and skills to take us to the next level, but also is willing to join our fantastic culture, where the best argument always wins. Good, you are on board with that as well. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the role.

We would like you to

  • Take our data setup to the next level focusing on getting quality financial data from external data sources
  • Explore new business opportunities from a data perspective
  • Take part in building a great Data team bringing new ideas and approaches to the table
  • Have a focus on transparent communication to make sure that key stakeholders and relevant teams are on the same page
  • Be comfortable with being on a startup journey where things can be a bit chaotic at times

What we would like you to have 

  • Solid skills within data exploration and analysis in SQL, Python, R, SAS, BI tools or similar
  • Experience working with various data formats and structures like JSON and XML
  • Experience working with APIs and database structures
  • A good financial understanding
  • An interest in and understanding of how new data can create value for the business
  • An ability to in a clear and well-argued way communicate complex data issues to managers and stakeholders
  • An interest in joining a new team where responsibilities and ways of working are not set in stone
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English and other languages are just a huge plus

You’ll probably have some other topics and ideas that we need to solve and that’s great! The bullets are what we imagine your main focus will be, but we hope that you’ll help us understand what we have to do to achieve our goals.

What you can expect from us

Of course we offer all the lovely benefits like an awesome location in the heart of Copenhagen, pension scheme, flexible working hours, the option to work remote, health insurance, lunch and all of that good stuff. But the most important part is that we offer you the opportunity to join a one of a kind startup journey where you can create real impact (not just the buzz word kind of impact, but real impact where you take full responsibility of your area of expertise) and work together with the friendliest and brightest minds in the industry.

About us

In 2017 a small group of FinTech nerds from Copenhagen hatched a vision to challenge the faceless and old-school status quo within the exotic industry of financial risk management. We leverage machine learning to help companies predict paying and non-paying customers, while delivering more ideal customers, through the Risika platform. Our ever growing collection of nerdy team players has origins in auditing, sales, data and computer science, all gathered to make sure that our solutions are as flexible, automated and reliable as possible. We are trusted by more than 1000 finance and sales professionals across the Nordics, and we are closing in on 100 champagne celebrations since we started – a ritual that manifests our triumph virtue.

For more information or questions please contact us.

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