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Boost the mood in your venue

Who are we?

Waved is a Norwegian technology startup with a vision to use data to create a good atmosphere in places where people stay. We are currently growing rapidly and have a product that today automatically controls the sound volume in restaurants, bars and hotels in several cities in the Nordic region. The product we develop is the only one of its kind and consists of a number of exciting technologies. In order to continue to establish ourselves as an industry standard, we need skilled people who can help us create an even more impressive product – this is where you come in.

About the role

As a backend developer in Waved, you are responsible for developing and maintaining the link between our web app and the devices that run on our customers. Our server will handle several thousand requests per minute and ensure that the communication between the end user and the system works smoothly. We continuously collect large amounts of data in all our places to be processed before we can visualize, analyze and learn from the behavior. You will be responsible for the further development of our system architecture so that it meets the product’s requirements and for keeping the backend robust and scalable with what it entails in terms of tests, version control and deployments.

Today we are a team of two developers who have been involved in building the backend from scratch. We have a strong focus on interdisciplinarity and have few defined areas of responsibility. We hope that you too have the desire to be a versatile developer who can solve a wide range of problems. If you are also a person who likes to get acquainted with new technologies and is not afraid to take on challenges that no one else has solved before, then Waved is a place for you. With us, we are concerned with product development and hope that you are also passionate about creating impressive technology and good user experiences.

Tasks and areas of responsibility

  • Design, develop and test functionality in NodeJS, Python and SQL
  • Develop robust and scalable solutions to be used by customers worldwide
  • Contribute to discussions related to product development and system architecture
  • Share knowledge with the rest of the team through, for example, code reviews

What are we going to work on in the future?

In the future, we will work to define an industry standard for automatic sound control in restaurants and hotels. We work to make installation and setup of the product as easy and seamless as possible, so that our customers get what they want from day one. Even though our product works completely automatically without the need for user interaction, we still give our customers the opportunity to interact with the product through our app. The goal is for user interaction with Waved to be an industry leader in sound control and we work hard to make our solution more intuitive and user-friendly than other sound systems. In the slightly longer term, we will continue to work on fulfilling our vision of creating a good atmosphere using data. We will look at how we can automate other parts of the atmosphere,

This is you

We are looking for you who have at least one year of work experience as a backend developer. It’s good if you have a relationship with good code practice, testing and version control. In the long run, you should be able to take a lot of responsibility and be able to work independently, and should appreciate a fast-paced everyday life and projects with great variety.

We hope that you have an interest in sound and are happy to have an opinion on what a good atmosphere is. In the long run, you should be able to take a lot of responsibility and be able to work independently, and should appreciate a fast-paced everyday life and projects with great variety. It is an advantage if you like to be with a customer to learn about how the product can be improved.

What can we offer?

We can offer you a unique opportunity to become part of a Norwegian technology startup on the way up and forward and to work on developing a groundbreaking product with the goal of defining a new industry standard. You will be one of the first employees in a part of a young team consisting of ambitious and dedicated people. You will have the opportunity to find your place in the team and help shape a growing company. We offer a varied working day that includes product development, customer visits, planning trips with the entire team, as well as installations and testing of the product at home and abroad.

All employees receive:

  • Good insurance schemes
  • Pension
  • Telephone subscription
  • Travel allowance
  • Travel abroad
  • Funds for further development (up to 20,000 per year). 
  • Training offer
  • Teambuilding events every quarter
  • Lunch grounding
  • Lønningspils

About the application process:

We will evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis, as we would like to have someone in place as soon as possible. You can send an application and CV to our CTO, Endre Hauge Paulsen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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