Just earlier this week we announced that Steve Huffman and Daniel Kaplan are coming to Arctic15. Today we have the pleasure to announce that the CEO and founder of one of the most exciting companies in Europe currently, Jens Begemann, is coming to Arctic15 as well. Jens Begemann is the founder and CEO of wooga, Europe’s largest social games developer and the number four globally. Previously, he worked as the Chief Product Officer at Jamba (Jamster).

With the announcement of Jens Begemann, we now have a total of six speakers at Arctic15 and two more will be announced hopefully soon. We’re aiming to create Arctic15 the most exciting startup launch event in Northern Europe and even though I’m saying this my self, looking at the speakers, it’s very well on its way to claim that spot.

We hope you’ll purchase your ticket well in advance – the current price of 130€ (and there aren’t many left) is not a lot for a show like this. Remember, in addition to the 8 keynote speakers, we’ll have 15 of the most potential startups launch at the event.

Below is the official bio of Jens Begemann and a short description of wooga as well.

Jens Begemann
Jens has always been enthusiastic about people, play and technology. Running a company with skilled people from all over the world and developing a high quality gaming experience in a social environment is like living a dream for him. Jens founded wooga (world of gaming) in 2009. wooga is the 4th largest developer of social games worldwide and the leading developer based in Europe. wooga employs a team of over 70 people from 20 nations and is located in the heart of Berlin.

Before wooga Jens was Chief Product Officer & Member of the Management Board at Jamba (Jamster). For seven years he helped the company become the world’s leading provider of mobile entertainment products. He managed a team of 130 people and was responsible for content acquisition & creation and user experience.

About wooga (world of gaming):
Play is a core human need. Our mission at wooga is to satisfy this need in a creative way by giving people the opportunity to escape a few minutes from their everyday reality into a colorful and playful world of gaming. Based in Berlin, wooga is Europe’s largest social game developer.

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