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“Creativity just went mobile”, Jonas Hombert, CEO JayCut

JayCutJayCut, the Swedish online video editor startup will as of today be available on Moblin-based ultra-portable devices like netbooks and mobile internet devices (MIDs). Moblin is an open source Linux operating system which is optimized for Intel® Atom™ processor based devices. JayCut’s been working closely with Intel on the new Moblin v2 that offers advanced Internet, media and social networking experiences. The mobile editor is primarly launched within their white label product, but hang in there, a public version is on its way, too. Jonas Hombert, CEO JayCut, is excited about moving on to the mobile space with MIDs, thus changing the way content producers and publishers will work in the future. Having the publishing system in ones pocket gets publishers whole new opportunities to interact with its audience closer to real-time.

Jonas Hombert, CEO JayCut, demoing Mobile Online Video Editor

Jonas Hombert, CEO JayCut, demoing Mobile Online Video Editor

The mobile video editor is built on the new online video editor, which still is to be launched later this fall. The mobile version is an Air application of approx. 1Mb. I got to play around and test it on an Aigo (MID), managing to edit a video, with effects included, out of video clips. All video rendering will still be done on the server side, the strenght in JayCut’s product, also meaning that all the content you may have, or record on your mobile device still needs to be uploaded to JayCut’s service first. Once that’s done the editing actually worked as smoothly as on the web browser, surprisingly. I say surprisingly because I didn’t really expect basic editing to feel as easy and natural on such a small screen, and most of all, while done online. 

Whether the smaller devices are to inhibit or engourage the creativity regarding video content is yet to be seen, but since open source platforms are gaining popularity and market share, the gap between mobile devices and pc’s is closing, and the media business is in desperate need to reinvent itself both regarding online journalism and business models, JayCut seems to have spotted the right time to let creativity free on mobile devices.

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