Jalbum raises $3.2M in Series B funding

    Jalbum Ab, Sweden based community for online photosharing, announced yesterday that they have closed a second round of investment with Nordic Venture Partners. This new deal brings the total raised capital up to 23 million SEK (approx $3.2M). In addition, the company’s board of directors named serial entrepreneur Andreas Sjölund as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company.

    Sjölund is formerly known as co-creator of Skype and one of the first employees of KaZaA. Founder and former CEO David Ekholm will stay with the company and continue as a CTO.

    Jalbum offers a mix of photo album software and social photo sharing. What separates Jalbum from other services like Flickr is that they have executable cross-platform client. Client enables the user to do basic photo editing, organizing and uploading photos. With the tool you can also design own or use some user created pre-existing skins for your album. Another appealing aspect is that you can publish your album where ever you like, not only on Jalbum.net.

    Even though the downloadable clients have been regarded as somewhat painful practice, apparently it has worked for Jalbum. The client is now downloaded over two thousand times a day and over 24 million albums have been published with the software.