Jaiku Co-founder Joins Aito Board – A Win For The Ecosystem

    foundationPetteri Koponen (see video below), co-founder of Jaiku and First Hop, joins Aito Technologies board. Koponen, who currently works at Google after Jaiku’s acquisition by Google in October 2007 has a long experience from media and telecom from his years. Aito Technologies is a Finnish Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provider for mobile operators and digital service providers.

    Along with Koponen’s nomination Aito Technologies announced also the nomination of Antti Viitanen to its board of directors.

    Both members will be involved in board activities immediately. Other board members are Daniel Blomquist, Jari Mieskonen and Henri Rantalainen. Jorma Heinonen and Carl-Henrik Wallin will step down from the board but will continue as advisors to Aito management.

    It is great to see Koponen again active the Finnish startups scene sharing his knowledge and insight by building and scaling companies.  The Nordic scene in general and the Finnish startup scene in particular is missing one ingredient above everything else to rival the general European startups scene let alone the Silicon Valley one. That’s serial entrepreneurs active in the scene who form one of the corner stones of a functioning ecosystem. Koponen’s new post is one step closer towards a healthy Nordic startups ecosystem. Congratulations Aito and Koponen for making this happen!

    See Viktoria‘s (Tiburon-TV) interview with Petteri Koponen at Slush (below), where Petter tells Jaiku’s story and how it compared to Twitter in the early days when both services launched.

    Photo by tanais (CC)