iZettle Cuts Prices, Launches New Reader

Stockholm-based iZettle celebrated its fifth anniversary on Wednesday with new lower pricing scheme, a new tool to stay in touch with customers, and launched a new card reader.

In five years iZettle has launched in 12 countries around the world.

“Come 2016, iZettle will handle transaction volumes of 3 billion euros, welcoming 1,000 new businesses to the service every day. Best of all, users are growing by leaps and bounds too. In fact, iZettle users grow their businesses by more than 15% every year, compared to the EU average of 3.3%,” the company said.

“We’re obviously thrilled to see that our service helps users grow their businesses every year by more than five times the European average,” says Jacob de Geer, founder and CEO of iZettle. “Whether we’re providing your business with capital, lowering your costs or building smart new tools that help you stay in touch with customers, it all comes down to helping you work less, earn more and live better.”