It's Valentines Day: Are You Being Cheated On?

    If you are one of those people that checks the date, you might discover that today is Valentines day. So we thought that this App from Vilnius, Lithuania can be of relevance. Today you are supposed to send Valentine cards to your loved ones. However, before you do why not find out of your better half is cheating on you?

    Qoqoriqo (We were told that it’s pronounced Ko-Ko-Ri-Ko) aims to “crowdsource” information about potential monogamy violations. Basically anyone with some information can report the incident and if you check-up on your better half, you will be put in touch with them. Now what can come out of this is a bit unclear, but we sincerely hope that nobody gets killed in the process.

    The way it works is simple, you input the phone number/e-mail address of the person you suspect of cheating and if other people have done the same, you are connected. If there is nobody to connect to, you are in the “safe” zone. However you can set-up an alert for the future.

    Of course, I sincerely wanted to try the service, but my wife was in the clear, and none of my friends seem to be cheating either, according to the service. So I was unable to see what happens if there actually is a connection. The app claims that you would be able to either get in touch directly or discuss your situation on the forum, where you can also gather evidence.

    As with any other app that is trying to connect people in some way or gather data and statistics, traction is of great importance. Basically, for it to work effectively, everybody in your region needs to know about it and use it once they are suspicious. Since the app is available to the whole world, it would be very interesting to see if anyone has actually found the “cheat”.

    Founder Mawuna Koutonin explains it in a bit more detail:

    “Qoqoriqo is quite simply, a search engine dedicated to infidelity fact checking. People invariably leave tracks when they are dating or flirting, Qoqoriqo uses a collaborative fact-collecting tool to help people find out the truth about their relationship. It’s a Crowdsourced relationship status update to detect deception.”

    They are currently monetizing by allowing people to “whitelist” themselves for $99 / year, basically making sure that the cheaters are safe to go on about their business. This would be a great strategy to make Qoqoriqo profitable, especially if they send an automated e-mail to the perpetrator the second somebody reports them for cheating. That way, it really does not matter if there is any traction as the money will definitely come from the cheaters that want to keep their names in the clear.

    Image courtesy of Shutterstock: Love Cheating