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Issuu, the Danish e-zine startup that serves billions of pageviews monthly through its content, has faced the wrath of Apple for the third time. They’ve tried to get their app approved to the AppStore, so people would be able to browse about 2 million publications for free on their mobile devices. Apple has constantly disapproved their app, 3 times in total and today they’ve taken the step to stop trying. Why does Apple care? I see it crossing their strategy a bit too much.

While developing Issuu for iPhone, they also worked on a version for the Android platform. They got Google very excited about the app for Android and the actual Android team helped Issuu in getting the app out. It was eventually showcased as one of the launch partners of Google Nexus One after being featured in the Android Market. Today Issuu is doing very well on the Android platform, with about 125000 people using the app.

It may very well have been this success, and the success they’ve managed to create online that crosses paths a bit too much with Apple. It’s no secret Apple is trying to strike deals with publishers to further increase their control of the publications industry and it seems that Issuu might have a different, yet very much a working approach that annoys Apple.

Issuu in all simplicity is a technology provider. They create technology so that companies can showcase their publications online and also in the mobile. Creating ways to monetise this content together with the publishers is only a matter of time and a natural way to go. If Issuu’s apps are available for free in the AppStore, Apple wouldn’t be getting their share of the revenue.

Source: Issuu Blog

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