Issuu Releases AdPages, Transforms Documents Into Online Ads

    The future of print is digital’, we think the phrase has become obvious and clichéd but Issuu’s vision has become a striking reality. Today the Danish startup allowed its users to transform their print documents into ads with AdPages.

    The AdPages service brings a concept similar to promoted tweets on Twitter just that it brings the same to documents across its platform. Users can promote their documents in special promotion slots on other related documents’ pages. Advertisers can set daily spending for ads and are only charged whenever a visitor clicks on the ad slot on the site. Meaning you don’t pay for impressions but clicks, which ensures users visit your product (a document in this case).

    The following steps are that need to be followed:

    • Create an Ad
    • Set a daily budget
    • Select who should see your ad
    • Pay only on clicks and reads
    • Track your views

    Issuu circulates the advertisement on the top matches ensuring your promotion is targeted on items that are relevant. Which is very positive to ensure a higher return, otherwise you see your ads appearing at the most irrelevant of content online. And with detailed analytics you get to learn on the exact number of hits, the estimated time spent by each visitor reading your content you know precisely how effective your investment has been.

    With over 300,000 documents being uploaded each month, it is essential that users also have a way to promote their magazines effectively. If there is no easy way to promote across the digital real estate you’re most likely going to get lost in all the noise.

    You can read more about Issuu AdPages here.