Issuu Improves It Embed, Adds A More Book Like Feel To Its Reader

    IssuuIssuu made a announcement a major upgrade to its Reader. The upgrade would enable users to read Issuu documents on their websites or Blogs  by embedding them directly. The feature is in beta and we can expect the feature to be a bit buggy but all that is bound to improve as the team at Issuu gets feedback from its users and improves it further.

    The Embed 2.0 Beta will offer additional features to the Issuu readers which include options like the layout, size of your embed, option for autoflipping the pages as well as the color of the embed. The idea is to provide better customization options so that the embed feature helps make the documents or publications from Issuu to readily integrate on your site.

    Issuu Embed

    Issuu in all simplicity is a technology provider. They create technology so that companies can showcase their publications online and also on the mobile. Creating ways to monetize this content together with the publishers is only a matter of time and a natural way to go. It presently has over 33 million monthly visitors  and over 2.4 billion monthly impressions, which stand proof to its ever growing popularity. Its competitors include the likes of Scribd which has a whopping 60 million monthly users. Issuu has already had trouble with having its App on the Apple Store being banned for numerous times.

    The challenge does exist for Issuu to outperform its competition but at the end it is user friendliness and feature rich portals that win amongst users. The idea is to make accessibility to content easier and that users aren’t required to make switches every now and then between portals. Think of it, if I keep linking users to an external source to read a quality presentation, I am bound to lose in a lot of readership overtime. With quality embedding features available to bring all necessary and related content to Arctic Startup, I am ensuring that users are able to stay on the site and utilize all the time spent here to learn the most. Am I wrong here?