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Is there a market for device-connected games? Gajatri's Breath Watch sees strong Finnish launch

When we last wrote about Gajatri Studios we noted how they are a game company in transition – they were a little behind the curve moving from Facebook games to iOS, but now they’re on the cutting edge when you consider how few game companies are building games for wearables. While they seem to be doing well with their Farmville-meets-yoga game, Yoga Retreat, their newly launched app, Breath Watch allows users to plug their heart rate monitors into their smartphones and practice 30 days worth of breathing exercises.

“Breathing is at the very core of yoga and mindfulness. Deep diaphragmatic breathing enables us to be more present, improves focus, takes care of our heart, and even reduces stress. It’s fun, super-easy and can be done where ever, whenever. Three to five minutes a day can make a real difference,” Gajatri Studios Founder and CEO Tiina Zilliacus explains.

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On the marketing side, they’ve launched a 30 Days of Breath challenge event on Facebook, which Zilliacus says has helped them kick up to the #2 position of the top paid apps in Finland, a pretty impressive feat considering you need a heart rate monitor to use the game.

In this similar space the company has also launched Yoga Pulse, which connects your heart rate monitor to the app to test how your heart rate changes while you practice yoga routines suggested in the app.

It will be interesting to see how they can expand in the future – the Nordic countries are home base to heart rate monitor companies like Polar or Suunto, and anecdotally every other Finn has one tucked away in their drawer. Breath Watch gives another excuse to dust off the monitor now that snow has melted from the skiing trails, but it might be a challenge to expand this globally.

Regardless its good to see gaming companies exploring more than tap-based dynamics.

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