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StardollLast night Mattias Miksche tweeted that Stardoll is looking for iOS and Android developers in Stockholm. Miksche is the CEO of Stardoll. This could signal a change of things to come for Stardoll. The mobile platform, especially the likes of Android and iOS, is something that is becoming more available to even the teenagers and thus it makes sense for Stardoll to try and tap onto this market. Stardoll has a simple styling game on iOS called Stadoll Fashion Spin, but it’s only available for the iOS.

Stardoll is one of the brightest stars of the Swedish online social services. In the financial year ending 2009, the company turned over some 111 million Swedish Kronor, which is about 12.3 million euros in current exchange rates. In 2010 the company has most likely continued its growth even further. In 2009, according the the public records, the company employed over 80 people.

Stardoll has also announced that they now have more than 100 million members on their site. This is surely an attractive market to tap into to further expand the use of Stardoll services in people’s lives with the help of mobile services.

We’ll have to wait and see where they go with this.

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