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Is Apple about to buy the Sweden based Polar Rose? It seems so if there’s any believing in the new released earlier today by Computer Sweden. Polar Rose is developing solutions in the area of computer vision technology.

The company president Carl Silbersky would not comment on the issue for Computer Sweden. Computer Sweden refers to news items written by Rapidus (items aren’t viewable at the moment).

Sources close to the company, according to Computer Sweden, claim that the deal is in the final stretches of being signed. Polar Rose is partly owned by Nordic Venture Partners and according to the news, Apple would now be the sole owner of the company.

Polar Rose has taken in $6.1 million of venture money to grow the business. They currently employ 15 people.

We’ll be following closely how the story develops.

Update: TechCrunch has a story on this, apparently Polar Rose went for $22 million.

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