Sweden May Investigate iPad Marketing Of 4G Services

    The Swedish Consumer Agency is considering leading an investigation into Apple’s marketing of the iPad after receiving complaints that the advertised 4G connectivity will not actually function in Sweden. The new iPad has been advertised as iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, but in many markets but critics say that the 4G technology is not an applicable feature due to the differences in the 4G spectrum across countries.

    Sweden is so far one of the few countries that boasts a 4G network, yet the problems arise in the differences in frequency bands used in the U.S. and the rest of the world. While the new iPad only supports LTE on the 700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequencies, the Wall Street Journal reports “In Sweden the 700 MHz frequency band is used for television broadcasts, while the 2100 band is used for 3G data traffic, and it’s unlikely that any of these bands will be re-farmed to LTE.”

    A similar investigation went into place in Australia, which resulted in Apple clarifying its advertising, as well as refunding all purchases made under the assumption that the product supports 4G. A trial is set for May 2nd, where they will determine if it’s okay to mislead a consumer with a statement that’s technically accurate.

    Apple does not have a Swedish office, so it’s likely that they will take the issue to Apple’s main European offices in Ireland. Currently Apple’s website advertises 4G connectivity, but clarifies that it comes down to the service.