IoT startup Cozify rounds €1 million for R&D and Official Launch Date

Espoo based IoT startup Cozify has been busily (and successfully) rounding up cash for its product research & development; pilot projects; and first official launch, which the company says will happen in the not-too-distant future.

In the course of roughly a year, Cozify says it has amassed over €1 million from three main sponsors: Tekes, the company’s employees and a private family business (not disclosed).

The funds, according to Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki, Cozify’s CEO and founder, have already been put to good use.

“Progress has been really fast. We have received extremely positive feedback and enjoyed an amazing atmosphere inside the team. The first pilot is already under way and the second will be started by the end of this year. The first version of the product will be launched onto the market in the beginning of 2015. Internationalization is on our agenda next year. We have lots of work to do and the deadlines are challenging. A successful outcome will be ensured by the right team, a solid funding and the best partners.”

Cozify’s flagship product is the Cozify wireless smart home, a home automation system that combines smart devices and sensors from different manufacturers with IoT software and a touch of design. Once installed, the smart home residents can ideally have full control over their home’s lighting, audio and video via mobile devices; as well as access to energy usage management and home safety.

”Fundamental tasks must be done well. We have met too many companies who have focused on a long list of different technical features, thus forgetting the user. Technology is a resource, not an absolute value. Among the most important things for us are home residents and making their lives easier. We consider these things in everything we do”, said Ruotoistenmäki.

Ruotoistenmäki sees a bright future in home automation, although only for those who hold good user experience in high regard.

“The contents of the starter package for the first distribution on a larger scale are already being refined. At the same time, we are testing the details of revenue generation and the technologies we have selected. We want to launch the best possible solution into the market. The markets for IoT and home automation are now growing incredibly fast. The most optimistic projections for developments in the sector are very promising. At the same time we are looking into the future, we want to keep our feet on the ground, without forgetting the realities.”

Cozify is certainly not alone, there are other companies out there who have a similar approach when it comes to home automation, Norwegian Viva being an quick example that pops to my mind.

A growing market means growing competition, which is why Ruotoistenmäki’s determination to quality will certainly not hurt the company’s future objectives.

Pre-orders are available here; and although the exact amount is not said, the price will consist of a non-binding monthly fee (which apparently includes the cost of devices as well).