Invesdor Raises €1.2 mln From Crowd

Finnish equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor raised 1.23 million euros in its own campaign, the largest crowdfunding campaign in Nordics so far this year.

Invesdor got 316 new investors who in total own around 10 percent of the company.

The company had a flying start to its campaign on May 17 and in less than 9 hours reached the 750,000 euros it had set as a minimum target for the campaign.

The firm said the investment would strengthen its position in the maturing market which has seen a wide number of entrants in just a couple of years. “The consolidation game is starting and we are well positioned for it,” the firm said in a statement.

Invesdor’s campaign was launched just a day after its Swedish rival Fundedbyme launched its funding campaign. The Swedish rival has so far raised 948,000 euros, with 8 days to go in their campaign.

In late April also the top Nordic banking group Nordea unveiled plans to launch its own crowdfunding service.