Invesdor Launches in Norway and Denmark

Helsinki-headquartered equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor will expand its service to Norway later on Wednesday when it opens first two cases in the country.

In addition to Norway, Invesdor is now available in Finland, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland Photo: Alexey Topolyanskiy /

Crowdfunding campaigns of independent equity research distributor Islero and insurance sector software platform Cloud Solutions will open Wednesday evening at TechLive! Financial Disruption event in Oslo.

Invesdor will launch in Denmark on February 23rd with a workshop for SMEs at co-working space Republikken.

“Until now, Norwegian and Danish companies have had no way to raise funds in this way from outside the country,” says Invesdor CEO Lasse Mäkelä.

This was clearly visible in our Nordic crowdfunding overview for 2015 which showed that all top campaigns in the region were arranged by Swedish and Finnish firms.

“Invesdor is the first fully licensed equity crowdfunding service in Europe, which means we can assist companies in raising funds for their international expansion plans, and help boost their business with an injection of new capital, with potential investors coming not just from the EU, but across the world,” Mäkelä said.

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