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Inventure's Jonas Dromberg: "The scales of startup leadership may soon tip in favor of the south"

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Venture Partner Jonas Dromberg wrote an interesting post on early stage Finnish VC Inventure‘s blog, optimistic of the startup potential in Spain.

The problem holding back the Spanish startup scene, Dromberg argues, is a lack of investor money flowing from Spanish VCs into Spanish startups. In the eye of a hammer everything looks like a nail, but he points out if Finland’s Inventure was Spanish, it would last year have been the country’s most active VC. Inventure has a base capital of €120 million and a portfolio of 32 companies.

Until Spanish investors get their act together, it seems foreign investors are happy to pump money into Spanish companies, like Copenhagen’s Sunstone funding Madrid-based Tyba, which powers our job board.

An interesting side note was that the piece was full of enthusiasm for Spain, but not once was it framed by “the size of the spanish speaking markets,” a context I use when talking about the potential of Spanish startups. Instead, sunny Spain might soon compete hard with the Nordics on talent:

Unless the Nordics will make themselves equally attractive to foreign talent, the scales of startup leadership may soon tip in favor of the south.

The post can be found here. Have any thoughts of your own?

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