A Finnish startup, Starduck Studios, will be launching Intoloop, a social network around passions, later this year. Intoloop is aiming to become a global social network around passions. They have been testing the service over the summer and are looking forward to opening it up to everyone later this year. Starduck Studios has been very secretive about their product and even with this announcement. They don’t disclose too much with this announcement either, except for the financing of the company.

“With Intoloop, users receive information about the things they are passionate about, whereas with other services such as Facebook the information about things one really finds interesting is mixed with all the other information in an inconvenient way,” says Creative Director Petri Hiissa. According to Starduck Studios, they will go to market with the possibility to record and share securely with others activities around your child. Later on, other activities will be added to the service.

Furthermore, it seems that one of their key competitive areas is the fact that they will design a new UI approach to the problem. According to Hiissa, Intoloop will revolutionize the user interface of social media services in a way similar to how the iPhone revolutionized the user interface of smartphones. Remains to be seen, how they’ll execute on that.

Regaring the company financials though, they have been able to attract a fairly large amount of money in a very difficult area of business. Starduck Studios closed their first investment round earlier this year, meaning over 500 000€ have already been invested into the making of Intoloop (most probably not completely spent, but just invested so far). They currently employ eight people in Tampere.

I have to wonder, honestly, why are they moving forward with a plan of creating a social network of their own. This is at least the approach you get from their announcement. I’m sure Intoloop would work so much better on the application level on top of already existing networks and take advantage of the user profiles out there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they move forward.