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Intoloop Releases Mobile Client To Capture Memories On-The-Go

Intoloop is expanding their set of features. The service provides a convenient location to store and share your child’s story  on a timeline, and this week they came out with a new mobile app that allows you to take pictures of your kid and upload  it immediately to Intoloop. They advertise this app as “getting your kids off your phone,” which is commendable, because you know grandma wants to see some new baby pictures.

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Aside from taking, selecting, and uploading pictures, the app also lets you just write down funny or interesting memories and publish it to your child’s timeline, so you don’t forget your special moment once you get to a computer. It’s a pretty basic app to get the functionality of the Intoloop service, but it should provide clear value to its users.

Parents these days feel more natural creating an online baby book than a printed physical book, so an iPhone and Android app is a clear progression for the company.

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