Intoloop Pivots, Opens Timelines For Any Project Or Story

    Intoloop, the Finnish online child journal, has shifted away from the narrow topic of child development and has pivoted to become a social timeline for just about anything. It makes sense for the startup, they can now hit a much wider audience while still allowing users to use Intoloop for tracking their baby’s first steps. But how will users interact with Intoloop when Facebook has everything but a trademark on the word “timeline?”

    I suppose the main focus of Intoloop is to build timelines for the projects that would get lost on your general Facebook timeline (a “timeline” that just about everyone has these days). Intoloop suggests tracking hobbies, workouts, holiday memories, relationship stories for your wedding. The service lets you share timelines with only a select audience, which is good for those personal projects you still want to share.

    The service allows you to share pictures, videos, and stories on your timeline. Intoloop also offers an iOS and Android app, which lets you take pictures and directly post them to your timeline, without any downloading and uploading.

    On one hand I’m happy to see that Intoloop has expanded their target audience, because in retrospect it seems silly to limit yourself in such a small way. But at the same time I hope they can correctly communicate their value proposition of more personal timelines, when to the masses a “timeline” does nothing more than their Facebook wall did.