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Intoloop Kids: Your Child’s Most Memorable Events Come Online

IntoLoop KidsThere is one thing that parents love the most when it comes to kids and that’s sharing the most memorable moments with everyone they know. The problem is you can take photos of the first step they take, their first giggle, etc but sharing them is a huge problem. Emailing helps, but the task is boring and doesn’t really allow proper interaction. A service that lets you share all these moments as a journal is a need of many parents. Enter Intoloop Kids.

The startup comes addressing the problem of many parents and gives them a platform to share the most memorable events of their child online. Parents can register themselves at Intoloop and add their kids, which is where it gets more interesting. How exactly?

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Parents can add as many children as they have and each one of them is given a visual timeline. It is here they can add events or most memorable things, which can be the first step their baby took or the first day at school. The same timeline can be shared with friends and family members, saving you the hassle of emailing them or putting them up on some online storage service which many aren’t accustomed to using. Quite easy and convenient, isn’t it?

There is however one concern that many parents are worried about, which is security. No parent would like their kids photos to be open to public for any reason and while Intoloop keeps your relatives in the loop, it ensures that only those you allow access to can see the pictures or be notified of the events. You are in charge of who views the visual timeline, so security shouldn’t be your concern.

The startup, in my opinion is definitely going to be many parents’ favorite for it simplifies their life. There are many needed features missing out, like video upload option, photo albums, etc but I guess these will be included as the startup ages and users mention the importance of each function in the feedback. I however wasn’t able to find how to put photos on the timeline, which would have been a great feature to begin with. Other than that, Intoloop is a promising startup which comes from the much talked about Starduck Studios.

The service has previously been in closed beta, but the it is now open for everyone to enjoy. We covered the company the first time back in 2010, when it was pitched as a “social network around passion”. Back in February we also revealed their work hacks in our series called On My Desk.

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