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MysitesI had a chat with Ramine of Mysites over the easter holidays and took our video guru Teppo with me. We shot a small video interview of where MySites is now headed and what they’ve been up to in the last months. There’s quite a bit of interesting stuff that Ramine goes through in the videos, but I’ll also sum them up here. Ramine also told us that they have secured another financing round from Germany, which he talks more about in the video.

Ramine told us that they have done quite a bit with their service, which can be summed up into two major releases. The first one is the platform they have built and the second is the social launch that Ramine touches on in the video. The platform in itself is relatively impressive as it speeds up future development dramatically. Mysites is planning to open the platform through an API so developers can build more applications on top of it.

Ramine’s team has created quite a few social features that will improve the sharability of content across many other services, including (but not limited to) Twitter and Youtube. Mysites is trying to position itself to become the best platform to share content on. The positioning in itself is on the spot as Google is onto something similar as well. They are planning the release of the GDrive. Needless to say, Google will almost surely put some social features into the service and this goes head on with what Mysites is trying to accomplish.

Thanks to Ramine for the interview!