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Planely is a small Danish startup that has a big idea. They want to make flying more social. As everyone knows, flying has become somewhat of a routine for most people and there isn’t really any joy in it left. One of the reasons is that you’re stuck in a closed space for a certain set of hours and you can’t really use that time to socialize. Planely is changing all this and trying to match air travellers between themselves based on their relevances. It’s a bit similar to the concept of Dopplr matching your friends when you’re travelling. However, Planely wants to do this with people you don’t know yet, but there’s something there that connects you. I had a brief chat with Nick Martin, the CEO and Founder of the company where they are now and where they’re headed in the future.

Nick also gives some tips on the ideas regarding Planely’s business model. They plan to be able to sell tickets based on who else is travelling around similar times based on your destination. Not a bad idea at all. I’m sure there would be a lot of business people looking to take advantage of such a matchmaking service in a professional setup.

ArcticStartup (AS): Can you explain what Planely is and how you came up with the idea?

Nick Martin (NM): Planely is injecting excitement and purpose into air travel. By registering your flight with us we help connect you with others who will be on the same flight, or at the same departure and arrival airports as you.

People are using us to generate new business, make new friends, guarantee themselves a quiet flight and even find new love.

Our mission is to see you choose your seat, airline and even airport not solely based on price, schedule or window/aisle but on who else is there and what that opportunity might bring.

AS: How far in its lifecycle is Planely currently?

NM: Planely is in bootstrapping mode currently having launched publicly on December 1st 2010. Plans are afoot to expand the proposition in line with the requirements of our rapidly expanding community of customers.

AS: How big is the team and how is it developed?

NM: Currently the team is 3. Paul Kirkaas is the back-end developer responsible for all things deeply technical. Gorm Casper is the front-end developer responsible for all things of beauty and experience. I’m leading on the business and community aspects of the brand.

AS: Any big plans for 2011?

NM: We have big plans for 2011. This year we hope to bring the term ‘social flying’ more mainstream. If we can help just a small fraction of the 2.5+ billion passengers that will be hopping on a plane in 2011 to have a more enjoyable experience then we’ll be delighted. The more that give us a go then the better the experience for everybody so, if you’re curious, jump on board!

Planely from Planely on Vimeo.

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