OricaneOricane is a Swedish software company, making a difference in energy consumption. The company has had a strong track record with research into the technology they are now capitalising. One of our contributors, Daiva Naravaite founder of AlpinaSearch, had a quick interview with Fredrik Kallioniemi one of the founders of Oricane.

Daiva: Fredrik, what does Oricane do?

Fredrik: Oricane is a Green software company and our award winning technology is based on patented energy saving algorithms that makes decision processes in software more efficient, we can for example make packet classification and packet forwarding, more efficient.

Daiva: What is your signature product?

Fredrik: Oricane´s flagship product, BioCAM is an innovative solution to well known addressing scalability issues in the core Internet. Internet infrastructure is rationalized, bringing significant lowered costs and reduced power consumption by 75-95% depending on application. BioCAM and is also available in a mobile edition, which is an energy saving IT-security software solution designed for tomorrow´s mobile surfers that request not only a firewall when surfing but also an environmentally engaged operator and increased battery life time in the mobile device.

Daiva: So what else is in the pipeline?

Fredrik: Oricane is also developing an indexing and search engine based on a completely new technology adapted for large “enterprise search” applications. This will be launched under the product name BioDEX. It is a generic self learning search engine for a variety of applications including directory services (i.e., phone directories), data centers, web indexing, and digital communities. BioDEX is also available in a mobile edition that is a patented solution for compressing, storing and searching information in mobile phones and other small devices.

Daiva: How different are both products?

Fredrik: Whereas BioCAM addresses energy efficiency issues when transporting information through the network, BioDEX addresses energy efficiency when information is stored and searched.

Daiva: It looks to me that with this technology you could ambitiously address the world’s entire software industry? How?

Fredrik: We specialize in developing methods, technologies and software components to enable computer programs to “do a lot with little”. Quite simply, efficiency!

Thanks to Daiva for the Interview!